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Doug Wood has coached swimming and stroke technique with supportive weight training and conditioning for over 30 years. He has trained elite athletes and age groupers with the goal of total physical balance and developing the best all around athlete. Pioneering cross training platforms and psychological readiness with regard to performance.

Coach Wood has produced swimmers that have qualified and competed in the Olympic trials. Nurtured leadership skills that produce Captains at the college swim program level. Mentored and motivated individuals to go on to coach programs to expand swimming, water safety, physical education and community involvement to many more individuals.

AA Water Polo palooza! Three Ann Arbor Schools finished 1st, 2nd and 3rd in State

>>> Posted by Admin | June 2, 2015

To justify Ann Arbor's "Number 1 Swimming City in the US" ranking, Ann Arbor Schools took 1st, 2nd, and 3rd this past weekend in the MWPA High School Women's Water Polo State Championships held in Zeeland MI. AA Skyline won the tournament by defeating AA Pioneer in the finals and AA Huron defeated Hudsonville in the 3 vs 4 game to take home the 3rd place trophy. Congratulations to Coach Rebecca Godek at Skyline, Coach Will Hart at Pioneer, and Coach Mike Gottliebsen at Huron and all their players.


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shoulder exercise

Protect the shoulder joint with rotator cuff muscle support workouts correcting myths of stretching and prying exercises that were thought to loosen up swimmers and water polo players and replace those with exercises that work and strengthen that area and add balance for a stronger shoulder muscle group. The goal is to achieve a more balanced set of muscles so one set does not develop more than other and all are brought along in balance.


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Motivating athletes is an art that is never the same between any coach and individuals. Finding the what motivates each person is the key to any long term ability to effect that persons goals.

Whether you are searching to see if the potential is there or to revitalize your old stroke. Or just to become more comfortable in the water.


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Linda & Kathy

Stroke work on a Masters swimmer can be a challenge with all those years of habits to enhance. I love that and feel that if I can make a masters swimmer enjoy the journey a little more then lets have at it

Training is personal and can push one to new heights or maintain ones best efforts. I strive to lengthen strokes and make all swimmers more efficient. Increase the feel of the water and work with the persons understanding of how to strategize a workout.


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Water Polo is the greatest game that there is and also one of the most mysterious games in terms of officiating and rules. I have been a fan ever since my boys...

It's important to train in a balanced building fashion not over developing some muscles and neglecting others...